So today social media has been brought alive with the above hashtag.

I do not intend to repeat everyone’s memories here. Please read them on Twitter. They are more powerful when written by the individual who felt them.

The lack of detectives is a genuine concern felt by all of us in the service and sadly the original intention of the media interview which led to the hashtag, is now overshadowed. To suggest firstly that response officers only deal with 999 calls, and secondly to suggest they do not take work home with him, shows how out of touch with reality the comment is.

All areas of the police service need resources. All areas of the fire service, nursing, social services, mental health services and paramedics require additional resources. That fact is well known.

Equally the truth is that every police force works differently. Recent transferees to my own force have highlighted the fact that they are not omnicompetent officers, as ours have a need to be. Therefore the idea that a response officer attends only 999 calls may well be true in some areas of the country. I don’t know. I doubt it! But I do absolutely know that there isn’t a police officer, firefighter, paramedic, doctor or nurse, who has not taken home what they have seen. None of them go home and immediately switch off because their part in an incident has finished. None of them do 40 hrs and switch off.

I am proud to be a part of our police service, and proud to be a part of our emergency services and public sector. We are THE best in the world. (Though I met some pretty incredible officers from the USA this weekend as well at the Thinbluelineuk ball)

The cuts under austerity have doubled the actual headcount loss. Why? Because every one of us gives far more than we are paid to do. We live and breathe our careers. It matters to us. The public matter to us. Helping the public IS really why we joined our chosen professions. It is why we continue to do it no matter what.

So yes, I have taken home lots in my head I hope my children will never have to see but I will never complain about that. I chose to do it. I am privileged to do it. I am privileged to be allowed in your lives when it really matters, and sometimes at the most difficult of times.

My colleagues are the hardest working, most dedicated, professional individuals I have met – ALL of them – Detectives, uniformed officers, neighbourhood officers, PCSO’s, Special constables, traffic officers, family liaison officers, armed officers, specialist public protection officers….. The list goes on and on. They all have memories that live with them forever. Fortunately some of those are fun and happy memories.

#itookhome the best job in the world.